Telecommunications Unit Panel Discussion. May 21st, 2015

TITLE: Telecommunications Unit Panel Discussion

LOCATION: St. Leonards School Auditorium

DATE: Thursday, May 21st, 2015

START: 7:00 p.m.

“Telecommunications and ICTs: Drivers of Innovation”

Dr. Colin Depradine, Dean of The Faculty of Science and Technology will be speaking about the relevant courses being offered at the university, methods of teaching, definition of E-Learning, technical guidance offered to graduates etc. (

Mr. Brian Linton of Garnet Technologies will be giving a background into his role within his business and how he helps persons to develop skills in use of software and its application. He is also an app creator who will be sharing his expertise on this topic area. (

Mr. Junior Burgess is the Program Director in the Program Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Education. This team unit is responsible for the allocation of technical/computer equipment and software to primary and secondary schools in the island. He will speak about among other things the unique needs of the students and the challenges they face with use of technology in the school setting. (Program Coordinating Unit of the Ministry of Education)

Mr. Philip Lewis is a former engineer of a local service provider and now involved in a related private business. He will be speaking on this. (

Mr. Troy Weekes, founder of EzLearner and Mr. Curtis Padmore, founder of Simplified Apps are two fairly well known innovators. They develop apps and are a part of the constant push to embrace technology as alternative way of problem solving. ( (

Digicel will be discussing the work of their ICT Department and taking a look at the services they offer. (