Expert Opinions [Mobile PrePaid Plans]


As we continue to see the value of the internet, inevitably we value the ability of being connected.  If you’re like me, making the best choice is your fixation and as such the decision of the type of mobile plan can keep you up at night…. especially if your experience with the plan is less than satisfactory.   So you choose the plan, you pay the fee but now what???  Well stress no more as this post is sure to keep you sane for a bit longer.

*Please note that this example was executed using the FLOW phone service provider, but the steps shown will still “flow” in basically the same way.


The essential feature of the casual smart phone user will include basic cell phone services, of local and international calling; text messaging as well as mobile data communications.  So for all you out there interested in a prepaid plan, your service will become available after the following steps have been completed on your specific mobile device;



Exchange your previous Postpaid SIM card for the newer Prepaid SIM. (Your friendly service provider store employee will accommodate you at a time most convenient to you)




Once your SIM has been inserted, dial *129# and select from the menu displayed ‘Balance Enquiry’ (usually is number 1); in order to view your current account balance. If your funds are at anytime $0.00, please proceed to the nearest service provider store to gain an adequate TOP UP.





Await your confirmation TEXT informing you of your credit balance being supplemented with the appropriate funds needed to activate the desired plan.








To activate the plan on your device, dial the request code for the plan (example *200*3030#) then press call. They’re two options at this stage; “Normal Plans” or “Combo Plans”.  By Normal there’s specifying that your service will be limited to just mobile data usage i.e. internet bandwidth. (How many Gssss do you want?!)  Then the Combo Plan will provide a mixture of mobile data, minutes of talk services as well as the unloved service; old fashion text capability.  Once you’re done, a confirmation message will appear indicating the activation of the plan. (If you don’t receive this confirmation message please inform your friendly service provider store employee immediately.)


After completing these tasks, mobile Talk, Text and Data communications will become available to your device. If any of these services i.e. call capability, text capability, online capability; is not available to you; please contact your friendly service provider store employee immediately as your device may need manual configurations.

As you continue to wrestle with these steps, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.  Even the most seasoned engineer has to learn new processes to achieve a goal.  So go enjoy your internet access but please…. DON’T “snap” and drive!