Development Of ICT Sector

ICT professionals in Barbados are urged to better harness their voice for development of sector.

ICT professionals in Barbados have been urged to think more broadly and take the longer view in the development of Barbados’ Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector and its role in developing the digital economy.  This from Ian Blanchard, Certified Business & Executive Coach as he addressed a recent members meeting of the Barbados ICT Professionals Association (BIPA) at the University of the West Indies.  Addressing the topic “4 Steps to Creating a Sustainable ICT Landscape”, Mr. Blanchard encouraged attendees to better harness the voice and presence of the 40-member strong BIPA at the national level to better influence and develop the ICT sector.

He identified four pillars to do so using the acronym CARE: Clarity, Acknowledge, Review and Reflect, and Execution. With regard to Clarity, Mr. Blanchard said that a vision of the future ICT industry in Barbados was needed. “This is not a five-year view, like we do for political cycles, but 25-50 years into the future. When we’re clear on what we want, we keep moving forward instead of sabotaging ourselves.”

Speaking on Acknowledgement, the coach said it was key to understand that, “We can’t go it alone. We need to understand that one of us is not as strong as all of us. Your own success cannot be achieved without the success of the industry of the industry, and a failed industry means your failure as well.”

With regards to Review and Reflect, Mr. Blanchard noted that time to review progress, behaviours and actions was integral. “Build habits of regular review for yourselves and the group, ensuring that your reflection leads to real conversations and clear plans to be actioned.”


On the pillar of Execution, the coach encouraged the ICT professionals to move from being critics to embracing shared values of what must be done and act accordingly. “Move from waiting on others to decide your destiny. It’s time to take the Barbados ICT industry into your hands and do what you know you must.”


He concluded by asking the members, whether they would give the ICT industry and themselves their best.  Successful members drive BIPA has conducted a successful members’ drive with several new graduate members joining the professional association’s ranks. The coaching session was especially aimed at new members as several of them had recently joined the world of work.  In introducing Mr. Blanchard, BIPA President Philip Lewis encouraged new members to take their involvement in the association and its role in society seriously. “The use of ICT is an enabler in all spheres of life and its adoption drives productivity across all industries.


Further, there is no doubt that an effective digital economy is an absolute necessity for our economic recovery and future growth. Our role as BIPA professionals, the part we play in society, is to drive the awareness and necessary capacity building to ensure Barbados is not left behind,” Mr. Lewis explained.  BIPA is the island’s foremost professional membership organisation for individuals and corporations with a primary focus on the expansion and development of ICT opportunities in Barbados and the Caribbean region. The organisation’s initiatives for the 2016/17 year include a bolstered membership drive, networking events with members of Barbados’ ICT fraternity, and greater engagement with key stakeholders in Government and the Private Sector.

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