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Ever wished you could have Wi-Fi everywhere you go? Ever been in that position where the school/work Wi-Fi wasn’t working? Your smartphone’s mobile hotspot could be the perfect savior. Setting up your phone as a mobile hotspot tethering gives one the ability to have other devices access “Wi-Fi” and the only requirement is to have a data plan. Tethering basically means you share your mobile data plan with multiple devices over Wi-Fi.

Standard Android Settings Screen.

The Beauty of Mobile Hotspot Tethering (Mi-Fi)


With large mobile data plans, one has the ability of using mobile data for data sensitive operations such skype calls, facetime, video streaming etc. from a mobile device tethering a mobile hotspot.

I use it on-the-go and it’s like carrying internet in my pocket, some people refer to it as Mi-Fi.
For Example, I work on my laptop when I am out of office running errands. It definitely comes in handy when my niece wants to watch YouTube for Kids on the iPad and I there is no Wi-Fi. It allows for that video streaming to portable devices. It’s brilliant to keep her busy on a road-trip.
When you enable your mobile hotspot tethering from your smartphone, it is recommended to have a unique SSID (Wi-Fi name) and more importantly to create a private password. The password is important to prevent other people who are close in range the inability to access your hotspot Wi-Fi network that is setup by your mobile device.


*Warning: Please take the time to get to know your mobile carrier and the mobile plan you may purchase to ensure effective usage of your mobile data.


by Ramon Manning, [BIPA Student Member]


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  1. Useful article. Could be augmented with some How-To links (for typical smartphone OSes, probably exists somewhere already just need hyperlinks) as this feature is not well understood by many. The final warning is definitely exceeding important and should go in an initial paragraph as well. It potentially expensive to use your data plan in this manner without 1) Having an unlimited data plan or alternatively 2) capped cost it won’t exceed e.g. prepaid plans.
    Kudos on the article!
    Also would be good to fashion into a tourist guide for navigating Barbados eg “Staying in touch affordably on Barbados holiday”.

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