BIPA Annual General Meeting [AGM] 2017

It was another year of milestones but as always, all good things must come to an end.  Making way for new ideas and perspectives is vital for the association and that is exactly what has happened this week. The Barbados ICT Professional Association had its annual 2017 AGM meeting on Monday, July 31st, to recap the 2016/2017 year, pay respect to the previous administration and finally vote in a new Executive Board to continue the fraternity’s work into 2018.

This is an unofficial record of the BIPA AGM and does not represent the actual minutes of the BIPA 2017 AGM. Those official minutes are prepared by the Secretary and distributed accordingly.

Kindly see notes as recorded by New Member Malchijah Harding:

Meeting called to order at 18:27 hours


Heather Barker led the meeting in Prayer.

This meeting was chaired by Ms. Margaret Leon.

Previous Officers were relinquished of their post and elections for 2017-2018
Major areas of focus from previous administration were highlighted.

1. Gov’t Relationships:

  • Input and advice on Policy by various Gov’t agencies, including CARICOM Internet Exchange
  • Point – Modify MOU( to include more than just ISP’s) to include Gov’t , Universities etc.. (as long as they have a value proposition to the public)
  • Local Number Portability(LNP)
  • WTISD* Week and Exhibition (poor attendance, located in Hero’s Square- lackluster location)
  • Invest Barbados, Ministry of international Business- Offshore ICT services- provided a paper
  • Corporate/ social awareness.
  • Single ICT Space: CARICOM
  • Limited planning on events with Gov’t, needs to improve.
  • Gaps exist in Gov’t infrastructure on ICT. BIPA can lend support to the Gov’t.
    Multiple ICT ministries in Barbados. As contrasted to Jamaica and Guyana. Antigua is also . Updating Legislation, creating ease of doing business.
  • Multistakeholder Advisory Committee. This existed and was Chaired by Philip Goddard.
    An effort is being made to restart by going to multiple members of govt, private sector, universities, education.2. Social and Corporate Awareness
  • Press Conference
  • WTISD CBC- People’s Business TV Show
  1. Digital Economy Project
    + Multi stakeholder approach
    + Assisting with the transition to a digital economy
  2. New Initiatives
    + Morning Barbados: BIPA, ISSA, ISOC (Internet Society) Barbados Chapter.
    + Monthly or Bi-Weekly segments.  Next week ISSA is due. Two weeks later is BIPA.
    + Awareness Economy Committee
    + Digital Economy Committee
  3. Where We need the most help: 
    BIPA Communication
    Active Members*BIPA President’s quote: “If we truly want to advance the ICT industry, we have to do it!”
  4. Streamline ICT in Jamaica, Guyana and Antigua.
    BIPA is a Barbadian Association with affiliate membership in other associations to drive the change we wish to see.

Election Procedures

Presided over by Mr. Elihu Wahid and Liana Welch from BCSI

All offices declared Vacant at 19:57

Nominations for the Post of President

Margaret Leon: Nominated By Larry Mayers and Seconded by Andre Griffith
Steven Williams Nominated by Andy Parris, seconded by Philip Lewis
Andy Parris Nominated by Andre Griffith, second by Phillip Lewis


As a result of this, a two minute presentation for each candidate was delivered.

The Major talking points are outlined below
Steven Williams:
Founding Member and proud of the developments so far. Eager to continue the drive.

Create Membership Systems to make the value equation positive for BIPA members
Discount Advantage Training (currently working on projects)
Incorporate Younger Generation into ICT.

Margaret Leon:
Opportunities for Barbados to become noticeable in the Industry worldwide.
The industry encapsulates everything imaginable.
Past member, observed the associations potential to realise this dream
Economic gains to be had from the industry and BIPA stands to lead this charge, in conjunction

After the presentations, another vote between the two parties was held.

Votes as cast at 2nd: m/s/m/s/s/s/s/m/s/m/s/s/s/m/
The outcome is 5 Votes for Margaret Leon and 9 Votes for Steven Williams!

Winner – Steven Williams [President]

Nominations for the Position of Vice President

Margaret Leon Nominated by Steven Cumberbatch, seconded by Larry Mayers
Heather Barker Declined
Mahesh Bhajan Decline
Larry Mayers Nominated by Prince Bazuwale, seconded by Stephen Cumberbatch
Votes: l/m/m/m/l/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/m/l The tally is 3 Votes for Larry Mayers and 11 voted for Ms. Margaret Leon.

The outcome is 3 Votes for Larry Mayers and 9 Votes for Margaret Leon!

Winner – Margaret Leon [Vice President]

Nominations for the Position of Secretary

Prince Bazawule

Phillip Lewis moved that nominations be closed and that was seconded by Andre Griffith.


The Tally was as Followed:
Unanimous decision to elect Mr. Prince Bazawule as Secretary!



STEVEN CUMBERBATCH Nomination by Larry Mayers moved that voting be closed, seconded by Phillip Lewis
Unanimous decision to elect Mr. Steven Cumberbatch as Treasurer!


Nominations for the Position of Membership Officer

Larry Mayers nominated by Prince Bazawule

Andy Parris Nominated by Steven Williams


Votes: A/L/L/L/L/A/L/L/A/L/L/A/L/A
With a result of 9 votes for Larry Mayers, and 5 votes for Andy Parris.

Winner – Larry Mayers [Membership Officer]


Andy Parris
Mahesh Bhajan
Ian Smith
Kofi Hinds

The newly elected Executive

The meeting was brought to a close at 20:45.


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