The Barbados ICT Professionals Association (BIPA) is the island’s foremost professional membership organisation for individuals and corporations whose primary focus is the expansion and development of ICT opportunities in Barbados and the Caribbean region.

ICT is an initialism for Information & Communications Technology. You can think of it as an extended synonym for information technology (IT), It pays homage to the convergence of IT with communications technology, and the pervasiveness of computing in concert with connectivity to communication networks, such as the Internet.

BIPA is dedicated to providing its members with a forum in and through which they can exchange industry information, network with other members of the ICT sector, undertake advocacy activities on behalf of industry interests, and collaborate with each other to extend the scale and scope of services accessible through the Barbadian and Caribbean ICT sectors.

In addition, the association seeks to provide avenues for all its members to contribute to social development through the appropriate application of ICTs.  Ultimately, BIPA is committed to assisting its members in becoming more competitive and export ready as the global trade in services continues to evolve and technological innovation creates opportunities for sustainable business growth.