Author: Larry Mayers

Mobile Hotspots

Ever wished you could have Wi-Fi everywhere you go? Ever been in that position where the school/work Wi-Fi wasn’t working? Your smartphone’s mobile [...]

The PitchIT Battle!

The PitchIT Caribbean Challenge is the biggest tech- entrepreneurship competition and showcase in the Caribbean. In this year’s round, “PitchIT [...]

Development of ICT Sector

ICT professionals in Barbados are urged to better harness their voice for development of sector. ICT professionals in Barbados have been urged to think [...]

Expert Opinions [Mobile PrePaid Plans]

As we continue to see the value of the internet, inevitably we value the ability of being connected.  If you're like me, making the best choice is your [...]

BIPA Review: Women In ICT

To believe that the landscape of the ICT sector, is equally shared for both the technically, professionally and intellectually proficient; whether male or [...]

BIPA Review: BIDC Project Building

If you've ever been interested in developing a unique business of your own; empowered through the effective principles of technological advancements, the [...]