Author: Larry Mayers

ICT Storm Tips

  During this time of the year, hurricane preparedness is a must, and for most of us we hope for the best but plan for the worst.  Food supplies, [...]

BIPA Annual General Meeting 2017

It was another year of milestones but as always, all good things must come to an end.  Making way for new ideas and perspectives is vital for the [...]

Mobile Hotspots

Ever wished you could have Wi-Fi everywhere you go? Ever been in that position where the school/work Wi-Fi wasn’t working? Your smartphone’s mobile [...]

The PitchIT Battle!

The PitchIT Caribbean Challenge is the biggest tech- entrepreneurship competition and showcase in the Caribbean. In this year’s round, “PitchIT [...]

Development of ICT Sector

ICT professionals in Barbados are urged to better harness their voice for development of sector. ICT professionals in Barbados have been urged to think [...]

Expert Opinions [Mobile PrePaid Plans]

As we continue to see the value of the internet, inevitably we value the ability of being connected.  If you're like me, making the best choice is your [...]