Why Should You Join BIPA?

BIPA Philosphy

Benefits of membership include:

  1. Opportunities to network with peers in private industry, government and regional bodies.
  2. Inclusion in and access to a searchable Membership Directory – a great networking tool.
  3. Special discounts for members attending BIPA-held events such as specialised industry training and information seminars.
  4. Leadership development and professional skills improvement through participation in BIPA’s various committees or by holding a seat on BIPA’s Board of Directors.
  5. Opportunities to gain insight into regulatory activities applicable to the industry through direct updates from bodies like the National ICT Advisory Committee.
  6. Access to discounts from various participating service providers and retailers such as computer stores and training centres.
  7. Access to career and export development opportunities through BIPA partner’s and associates.
  8. Mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities for students.

What you Should Know Before Applying for Membership?

Your Application Form must be processed and verified before you can qualify for membership. To further assist with this process, please submit you latest resume including work experience and projects you have worked on.  If your resume is online, simply send us the necessary links.

Note: It is recommended that you save the application form first and then open it using your pdf reader of choice.

You must subscribe to the BIPA Code of Conduct to be a member.  For Corporate and Affiliate members, please send us your company profile.

Corporate Members Benefits

  1. Promotion of Company Logo on BIPA website in Corporate Member area
  2. Automatic eligibility of Company Staff for BIPA membership
  3. Access to up-to-date news, insight and talent in the industry
  4. For more information and the benefits on becoming a Corporate Member, click HERE.


Fees are renewable annually on the anniversary date of joining BIPA.

Allow 2 weeks for processing of your application form.

Submit your completed application form and accompanying resume or company profile to membership@barbadosict.org.