BIPA Membership Benefits

BIPA Membership Benefits


What Impact Do Professional Associations?


The vast majority of professionals and pioneers in the ICT arena of Barbados have been a member of an association; specialising in their area of expertise.  Now even if you don’t aspire to start a company or, to develop a pervasive new technology or service that changes the nation; becoming a BIPA member offers the advantages pivotal to professional growth.  Yet, many individuals have doubts and concerns based on lack of understanding of what BIPA represents as a leading agent in the ICT space of the Caribbean. In spite of these negative preconceptions, BIPA Membership offers significant benefits to its members; regardless of membership level.


What Are the key Benefits of Joining the Barbados ICT Professionals’ Association (BIPA)?


Social Networking

The formal installation of a social network is certainly a core and often-noted benefit of being a Member of BIPA. Joining BIPA is either a proactive way to avoid social isolation, or simply a way for a socially-inclined person to immediately build a name for themselves amongst reputable practitioners. Subsequently, BIPA usually engages in planned social events and activities allowing persons to make professional connections; thereby adding value to their name. Through conferences, workshops, subcommittee projects and meeting discussions; members share a diversity wealth of knowledge and expertise in the areas deemed most significant to their professional goals.


Academic Support

A benefit of BIPA that contradicts common public perception is academic support and improved performance.  Since many members currently hold levels of professional certifications and qualifications; one on one or group sessions facilitate internal tutoring for members in an informal way. By strategically blending social belonging with academic support systems; the membership undoubtedly contributes to the recursive cycle of success between the fraternity and its members.


Career Opportunities

Joining BIPA also provides advantages for finding a career after school as well as aids persons making a career change. BIPA has strong connections within fraternity hence these great networking resources translate into opportunities to find your field of interest or a company you have interest in working for. BIPA is accessible via multiple online platforms often providing its audience with access to the latest technology news, guidance materials and career roadmaps to success in the ICT arena. BIPA members also have the ability to use other experienced members as references which looks good on a resume!


Leadership Development

As a veteran member of BIPA, you have the opportunity to run for an executive member position, such as president, vice president, or any other role within the executive team. This offers a great leadership development opportunity. BIPA members also commonly become more active business leaders and involved citizens in the community.



  • Access to educational workshops, webinars and other resources to help you maximize your professional competency as a student, seasoned professional, or entrepreneur.  
  • Discounts on advertising, powerful marketing tools and events.
  • Use of the BIPA logo in your marketing materials, lending credibility with end-users who look to the BIPA brand as an indicator of an organization’s level of professionalism and trust worthiness.
  • Monthly meetings geared to keep you informed about association news, industry trends and new members.


These are some of the many reasons to join BIPA. As such, when you become a member, you become a part of the dynamic, changes that are transforming our world, by helping to shape the future of Barbados through the advancements in global technology. BIPA provides the tools and resources to help get you there, by advancing your career and enriching your knowledge with life-long expertise; through membership interaction.