• To ensure ICT service providers adhere to high industry standards [Benchmarking]
  • To promote the long-term competitiveness of Barbados’ ICT services sector so as to continuously build national and regional export capacity [Competitiveness]
  • To facilitate successful member exploitation of ICT business opportunities in national, regional and global markets [Profit]
  • To educate members and the public on evolving developments in the ICT industry [Education]
  • To be a primary advocate for the creation of an effective ICT policy and regulatory environment that supports the growth of professionals and businesses in Barbados [Advocacy]
  • To be a thought and service leader in all ICT-related areas, and to develop leaders at every level who exemplify the values for which the association stands [Leadership]
  • To contribute significantly to economic growth in Barbados and the Caribbean region by effectively applying technological, business and service innovations in response to the internal and external forces of change [Growth]

Core Values

  • Competence: BIPA’s members achieve and maintain the highest possible range of proficiency in the delivery of ICT products and services because they adhere to the professional and industry standards laid out by the Association.
  • Innovation: BIPA embodies the qualities and possesses the resources necessary to develop new ICT products, processes and services for consumption at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Agility: BIPA is a nimble, responsive organisation whose members are alert to the opportunities and challenges inherent in the ICT sector at the national, regional and global levels, and who are capable of quickly exploiting openings for growth and opportunities for advancement.
  • Collaboration: BIPA embodies a culture based on enlightened cooperation and energetic partnership where members can readily associate to increase the range of their competencies in the pursuit of projects at all points on the ICT value chain.
  • Integrity: BIPA adheres to a set of strict ethical and moral codes and requires its members to do the same; as an organisation, BIPA is undivided, with members who are united in common cause.
  • Mentorship: BIPA members view mentorship as another form of service and are committed to serving as trusted counsellors to students and/or young professionals who are seeking to broaden their skills and increase their knowledge in ICT-related fields.
  • Dynamism: BIPA is a vibrant association marked by continuous cycles of productive activity and progressive change.